Great Yukon Summer Packages

Wilderness Canoeing Introduction.

From $495.00 per person.

The Yukon River and Lake Laberge – a wonderful introduction to wilderness camping.

We provide canoes or kayaks, the guide, 3 campfire meals, snacks, tents and camping equipment for a two day wilderness canoe trip between Whitehorse and Deep Creek on Lake Laberge. Bring a fishing rod and a camera for there is a great chance of catching an arctic grayling and seeing some Yukon wildlife.

Minimum of 3 persons. Options: two-person rate $695.00 per person. May be increased to 5 persons.

1 week Wilderness Canoe trip.

From $495.00 per person.


A 1-week (224km) Yukon wilderness canoe trip which includes the famous 48km stretch of the Thirty-Mile that was declared a Canadian Heritage River 1992. Visit the abandoned Village of Hootalinqua, Shipyard Island with the derelict Sternwheeler “Evelyn” on the ways. Linger a while at the confluence of the Big Salmon River and the Little Salmon River each with the historical remains of the Goldrush era when the River was the access road to the Klondike Gold.

We include the boat ride to the North end of Lake Laberge, the canoe rental and the pick up at your destination of Carmacks.

Minimum 2 persons. Options: may be increased to four or six persons, air transport across Lake Laberge is also available.

On the Marge of Lake Laberge.

From 650.00 per person.

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of Lake Laberge.

The trip covers a two-night, three day stay in a private rustic cabin at Fox Bay Retreat on Lake Laberge. It includes a guided fishing trip into the Thirty-Mile portion of the Yukon River and the use of a canoe during your stay. You must provide your own provisions for your stay (we pack lunch on the fishing trip) Check out the accommodation at

Minimum 2 persons. Options: Increase to four persons. Increase your stay at Fox Bay Retreat.

Teslin River Paddling adventure.

From $475.00 per person.

An eight-day paddling adventure – Teslin/Yukon Rivers.

This canoe trip starts at Johnsons Crossing on the Alaska Highway, and traces the 185km of the Teslin River to its confluence with the Yukon River at Hootalinqua. It is a further 175km on the Yukon River to the Village of Carmacks on the Klondike Highway.

Included: 8 days Tandem Canoe rental. Transport to Johnsons Crossing for the start of your trip and a pick up in Carmacks at the end of you paddling adventure.

Minimum 2 persons. Options: Increase to four or six persons. Continue to Dawson City on the Yukon River – (see Route to the Klondike Package).

Route to the Klondike.

From $390.00 per person.

A 16 days paddling trip – Teslin/Yukon Rivers.

Following the trail of the argonauts to the Klondike goldfields of Dawson City at the turn of the last century. Total distance approximately 750km.
The Teslin flows into the Yukon River 184km downstream and from there you continue on to Dawson City with a revictualing stop at Carmacks. The trip includes transport to the start of the Teslin River at Johnsons Crossing, a 16-day tandem canoe rental package and the drop fee for leaving the canoe in Dawson City at the end of your trip.

Minimum 2 persons. Options: increase to four or six persons.

One week stay at Fox Bay Retreat on Lake Laberge.

From $517.50 per person

A week at the Lake in your very own rustic housekeeping cabin at Fox Bay Retreat, an off-the-grid facility on Lake Laberge. Trip includes the ride in and a pickup at the end of the week. It also includes a canoe rental during your stay. You’re on your own for food and supplies which must be brought in with you.

Minimum 2 persons. Options: additional persons, provide your own transport. Lengthen your stay. Paddle to Fox Bay from downtown Whitehorse.

Canoe rentals & transport within Yukon.

We can provide canoe & kayak rentals as well as misc. camping equipment. We partner with Alpine Aviation in Whitehorse to provide air transport. Pick a river and a destination and we can fill in your transport requirements to complete your trip. Contact us for a quotation.