Canoe and Kayak rentals


We do rent Canoes, kayaks, boats, motors, bikes and all sorts of camping equipment for the day or for multi-day trips but outfitting you for a personal river trip in the fabulous Yukon wilderness is our specialty –  we’ve been doing it since 1974

Not only can we supply you up with the perfect canoe or kayak for the adventure but we also have a great selection of support equipment for rent or sale in our downtown riverside store. An old acquaintance of ours used to say, “Any fool can be uncomfortable,” we can only agree.  We rent dry-bags and waterproof barrels in various sizes,  axes, hatchets, saws and much more.  For your added peace of mind, we have an optional trip damage waiver that covers the accidental loss or damage to our equipment during your time on the river

55The Clipper” Yukon” (16.8ft/5.12m) and the Old Town  “Discovery” (16.9ft/5.15m) are our standard rental canoes.  Need a larger family canoe?  Upgrades are available to our Clipper Mackenzie 18.6ft/5.66m and 20.0ft/6.09m models that can be fitted with a third seat.  We also rent the Wenonah, Mad River, Hellman and Scott Canoes.

The Current Designs  Storm & Squall and the Boreal Epsilon are  our standard rental kayaks but we also have the Delta composites and the Necky  and Seaward  kayaks.  For doubles we rent the Delta 20T, the Seaward Passat G3 and the Current Designs Vision.

Canoe and kayak rentals by the day

51 Our standard canoe daily rental rate is $45.00 or $80.00 for a weekend (Friday night to Monday morning)

The standard kayak rental is $50.00 per day or $105.00 for a weekend (Friday night to Monday morning)  With a capacity of up to 10 persons, our largest rental canoe is the Voyageur which comes with its own trailer and rents for $250.00 per day or $495 for a weekend –  a wonderful addition to any family outing.

Stand up paddleboards

We have a selection of SUP available for rental and sale.   Inflatable paddle boards rent for $50.00 per day/$100/weekend or $300.00 per week.


Boats and Freighter canoes

We rent a selection of freighter canoes/motor combinations from the Old Town Sport 17 ft/5.18m  model at $55.00 per day to the largest 22ft/6.7m Scott freighter that comes with its own trailer at $175.00 per day. Our outboards range from 4HP to 25HP with rates starting at $40.00 per day


Whitehorse is a bicycle-friendly city and there are two main trail networks within city limits. Trails are well marked with map kiosks and are well maintained.  A great way to get around.   Our bikes rent for $20.00 per hour, $25.00 per half-day or $40.00 for a full day.  Helmets, which are compulsory and a lockset are supplied.

Camping equipment

We rent dry bags and waterproof barrels in various sizes and a host of other items that can make your adventure trip a great, memorable experience.   Please contact us for the complete list.

38PACKAGE TRIPS Package trips are available on the following rivers: (click on one of the trips below for full details) Yukon River Whitehorse to Carmacks or Dawson City    Teslin/Yukon rivers  to Carmacks or Dawson City   Big Salmon/Yukon River to Carmacks or Dawson City

There are no less than 32 navigable rivers in the Yukon River watershed – nine of these enter the Yukon on the 460mi/736km trip between Whitehorse and Dawson City. There are 12 major rivers in the Peel watershed and then there are the Liard and Alsek river watersheds. We specialize in outfitting you for any of these trips and can also help you source the important information that precedes the trip. See our “Custom trips” for more information.

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