Big Salmon River Rental Package

109The Big Salmon River trip starts at Quiet Lake.  This entails a road trip of about 155mi/248km, half of which is on the gravelled rough surface of the Canol Road, a summer-only artery that lacks regular maintenance and can be a challenge, especially on a rainy day.

The river is the third large river that comes into the Yukon River on its way to Dawson City.  Its confluence with the Yukon River is at mi125/km200 of the Yukon River.  The Big Salmon is not recommended for beginners.  It can be quite technical in the upper reaches and dangerous during the flood stage of early summer.

The Big Salmon River trip is 147mi/235km long.  This includes the upper lakes  – Quiet Lake, Sandy Lake and Big Salmon Lake.  From its confluence with the Yukon River trip and it is a further 75mi/120km to Carmacks.

PACKAGE TRIPS – Big Salmon/Yukon  Rivers

58Quiet Lake to Carmacks 222mi/355km – 12 days Canoe $430.00 – Single kayak $490.00

Quiet Lake to Dawson City – 482mi/771km – 19 days Canoe $545.00 – Single kayak $685.00

Like the Yukon and Teslin trips, if you wish to extend your vacation on the river, the time can be extended by paying the extra daily rate for the additional days.  (Canoe $40.00  & kayak $45.00 per day  The extra days must be reserved in advance and there is no refund for early arrival.

If you would like to extend your trip but don’t have the time to go all the way to Dawson City, you can add some days and distance to your trip by going as far as Tatchun Creek (26mi/42km) or Minto (58mi/93km).  Extending the trip to Tatchun Creek will add the thrill of going through Five-Finger Rapids just upstream of your destination. Extending the trip to Minto will also add Rink Rapids to your trip log.  There is no available road access beyond Minto until you get to Dawson City about 200 miles downstream.

The extra rental day(s) are charged at the daily rate of $40.00 for a canoe or $45.00 for a kayak and again, prior arrangements for transport from either of these destinations must be made with us.  There is no refund due for early arrival.

Included in the above packages.

We include paddles, PFDs, bailer, bowline and a throw bag in the rental of each canoe.   The kayaks come with a spray skirt, a pump, sponge, paddle and PFD.

4We rent dry bags and WP barrels in various sizes and a host of other items too numerous to mention.   Contact us for a complete list of available equipment

Not included

These package prices do not include transportation to your put-in or a return to Whitehorse at the end of the trip. If you choose to drop your canoe, kayak and equipment at your destination there is a drop fee of $85.00 for Carmacks and $95.00 in Dawson City – per canoe or kayak.  Transportation charges vary with the size of the group. Please contact us for a quotation.

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