Teslin River Rental Package

110The Teslin River is the second major river to flow into the Yukon River on its way to Dawson City.  A lot of paddlers opt to take the Teslin River to Hootalinqua its confluence with the Yukon River.  Many do so to miss the 30mi/46km paddle of Lake Laberge.  The downside of the Teslin route of course is that one misses the paddling experience of the Thirty-Mile, that part of the Yukon River between Lake Laberge and the Teslin and one of the most spectacular stretches of the Yukon for its entire distance to the sea.  The Teslin part of the trip is 110mi/176km

72This trip starts at Johnsons Crossing, a small riverside community on the Alaska Highway about 85mi/136km southeast of Whitehorse.  Transportation to Johnsons Crossing can be arranged with us.  Please contact us for the current transportation rates.

The Teslin River, like the Yukon, is generally considered to be suitable for anyone that has the basic canoeing skills and it is rated as a Class I river.  With the latest phenomena of global warming, however, the spring flooding (mid-June to the end of June ) in the last few years (2018 to 2021) has been quite spectacular in volume, which results in very fast water, and flooded campsites and disorientation with existing river maps.  Check with us before heading out.


Johnsons Crossing to Carmacks 215mi/344km – 8 days Canoe $290.00 – Single Kayak $340.00

Johnsons Crossing to Dawson City – 475mi/760km – 16 days Canoe $450.00 – Single kayak $560.00

If you want to enjoy your holiday at a slower pace that can be arranged, take as long as you want.  For a daily rental charge (canoes $45 per day & kayaks $50.00 per day) you can extend the rental period.  There is a catch though; the length of the trip must be determined prior to leaving Whitehorse and there is no refund for early arrival.

If you would like to extend your trip by a few days but don’t have the time to go all the way to Dawson City, you can add some days and distance to your trip by going as far as Tatchun Creek (26mi/42km) or Minto (58mi/93km).  Extending the trip to Tatchun Creek will add the thrill of going through Five-Finger Rapids just upstream of your destination. Extending the trip to Minto will also add Rink Rapids to your trip log.  The extra rental day(s) are charged at the daily rate of $40.00 for a canoe or $45.00 for a kayak, and again, prior arrangements for transport from either of these destinations must be made with us. Note that there is no refund due for an early arrival at your destination.

59Included in the above packages.

We include paddles, PFDs, bailer, bowline and a throw bag in the rental of each canoe.   The kayaks come with a spray skirt, a pump, sponge, paddle and PFD.

We rent dry bags and WP barrels in various sizes and a host of other items too numerous to mention.   Contact us for a complete list of available equipment.

62 not included

Transportation for you, your equipment and canoe or kayak to Johnsons Crossing or back from Carmacks or Dawson City is not included in the above rental prices.  There is a drop fee of $85.00 in Carmacks and $95.00 in Dawson City if you want to leave our equipment with our agent/s at either location.

The drop fees are waived if you arrange your return with us.  Please contact us for current transportation rates.

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