Yukon River Rental Package


The Yukon River between Whitehorse and Dawson City is usually done in two stages of eight days each. The Yukon River trip is generally considered to be suitable for anyone that has the basic canoeing skills and is rated as a Class I river.

Part 1 – Whitehorse to the Village of Carmacks – mile 0 to mi200/km320

74Although the road distance between these two Yukon communities is 110 mi/176km the river distance is 200mi/320km.  That gives you some idea of how the river twists and turns along the way.  You are on your own for most of the trip and once you push off in Whitehorse be prepared to go the distance.  The trip includes the full length of Lake Laberge  (mi30/km48 to mi60/km96.  This can take you up to two days as the weather does not always cooperate and there may be times that you will have to pull off to wait for calmer conditions.  You have the option of a road/boat transfer to the NORTH end of Lake Laberge.   This includes road transport to the Deep Creek Campground on the WEST shore of the lake and a boat transfer from there to Lower Laberge.   This shortens the trip to Carmacks by 60mi/96km and at least 2 days.  Contact us for an up-to-date quote.

Whether you paddle Laberge or take advantage of the boat transfer it has its rewards.  The next 30mi/48km of river to its confluence with the Teslin River is referred to as the Thirty-Mile is worth it all.  To our way of thinking it is probably the most beautiful part of the entire distance between Whitehorse and Dawson City.  This part of the Yukon River was officially declared a Canadian Heritage River in 1991.

The Teslin River comes in at mi90/km144.  The Big Salmon River comes in at mi125/km200 and the Little Salmon River comes in at mi160/km256.   There is road access to the Little Salmon site and if you would like to terminate your trip here prior arrangements for transportation from there should be made with us.  By river, it is another 40mi/64km to Carmacks.

If you would like to extend your trip by a few days but don’t have the time to go all the way to Dawson City, you can add some river distance to your trip beyond Carmacks by going as far as Tatchun Creek (26mi/42km) or Minto (58mi/93km). Extending the trip to Tatchun Creek will add the thrill of going through Five Finger Rapids just upstream of your destination. Extending the trip to Minto will also add Rink Rapids to your travelogue. The extra rental day(s) are charged at the daily rate of $40.00 for a canoe or $50.00 for a kayak and again, prior arrangements for transport from either of these destinations must be made with us.

56Part  2 – Carmacks to Dawson City:  mi200/km 320. to mi460/km736

A river distance of 260mi/416km.  Once you leave Carmacks there is road access at Tatchun Creek – mi226/km362 just after you are through five-finger rapids – McCabe Creek – mi250/km400 and Minto Landing at  mi258/km413.  There are a number of river residents and mining operations on the way to Dawson City.   Get yourself an up-to-date guide book for the trip.


Whitehorse to Carmacks 200mi/320km – 8 days – Standard Canoe $290.00 – Single kayak $340.00

Whitehorse to Dawson City 460mi/736km – 16 days – Standard Canoe $450.00 – Single kayak $560.00

Carmacks to Dawson City – 260mi/416km – 8 days –  Standard Canoe $315.00 – Single kayak $365.00

If you want to enjoy your holiday at a slower pace – no problem – take as long as you want.  For a daily rental charge (canoes $45.00  & kayaks $50.00 per day) you can extend each of these trips.  There is a catch; the length of the trip must be determined prior to leaving Whitehorse and there is no refund for early arrival.

46Included in the above packages.

We include paddles, PFDs, bailer, bowline and a throw bag in the rental of each canoe.   The kayaks come with a spray skirt, a pump, sponge, paddle and PFD.

We rent  dry bags and WP barrels in various sizes and a host of other items too numerous to mention.   Contact us for a complete list of available equipment.

not included

Transportation for you, your equipment and canoe or kayak to or from Carmacks or back from Dawson City is not included in the above rental prices.  There is a drop fee of $85.00 in Carmacks and $95.00 in Dawson City if you wish to leave our equipment with our agent/s at either location.

The drop fees are waived if you arrange your return with us.  Contact us for current transportation rates.

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